B50TF185-S4 (CLAA), CO185, 45C-NS, Stell 31, X-40

Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. has a surplus inventory of our PWD00105P powder that is now available at a special rate.

This material is certified to GEAE B50TF185-S4, CLA.
It is sold as:

Praxair Co 285

Metco 45C-NS

Stellite 31

Amdry X-40

(PPS is not affiliated with the above mentioned companies. Their copyrighted product names are used only for comparison.)

The book price is $49.47, but we have a window where we will discount it. This material was manufactured in the last 6 months and is in sealed bottles.

Contact us for pricing.

A sample certification is provided below.pp-powder-gif[1].gif