Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. Systems Integration

You have identified a Thermal Spray coating that creates a better product and increases market share and profit…  Now what?plasma-powders-systems-inc 2

What do you need to successfully implement a complete Thermal Spray process?

Do you have the expertise to design the right system that won’t delay (or worse, erase) the savings you’re supposed to realize by using this technology?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I call the first paid advertiser on Google?
  • Will one of the Thermal Spray “giants” give me the most optimal, cost effective solution OR try to make my application fit one of their canned system packages?
  • Can I accomplish the same goal with a quality, lower priced system?
  • Should I use wire or powder material?  Liquid fuel, gas or electric systems?
  • Do I need a spray booth, spray room, acoustic isolation?  How much dust collection is required?
  • Will automated application and part handling effectively offset labor and material costs?
  • Where do I get training and support when I need it?
  • How many different suppliers will I have to manage to get the job done right?

Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. has been helping our clients design, implement and support their Thermal Spray applications for over 30 years. We can provide a complete solution utilizing equipment and materials from multiple manufacturers.

Our experts will confirm your goal, identify issues, make suggestions and help design a system that will meet or exceed your requirements with cutting edge technology that will generate a healthy return on investment for years to come.

We stock systems, replacement parts and materials for immediate needs. We manufacture custom handling equipment and will work with your team to provide or even create custom materials specially suited for your application.

We offer free training (in our NJ facility) with a system purchase and telephone support for all products. We can also perform on-site training and support, if desired.

Contact Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. now to start planning your application.


B50TF185-S4 (CLAA), CO185, 45C-NS, Stell 31, X-40

Plasma Powders & Systems, Inc. has a surplus inventory of our PWD00105P powder that is now available at a special rate.

This material is certified to GEAE B50TF185-S4, CLA.
It is sold as:

Praxair Co 285

Metco 45C-NS

Stellite 31

Amdry X-40

(PPS is not affiliated with the above mentioned companies. Their copyrighted product names are used only for comparison.)

The book price is $49.47, but we have a window where we will discount it. This material was manufactured in the last 6 months and is in sealed bottles.

Contact us for pricing.

A sample certification is provided below.pp-powder-gif[1].gif

Wirejet Training and Maintenance Video

Plasma Powders is offering its Wirejet series video for only $198.00. The video shows the correct way to disassemble and reassemble the torches, maintenance, how to set it up and the basics on spraying. Please call 732-431-0992 or e-mail for additional information.

The Tests Are In!

The Tests Are In!   Recently Plasma Powders sent samples of WC-Co that were sprayed by our HipoJet-2700. The tests showed that there was <1% porosity on our sample. Below is a photomicrograph.